September 6, 2010

Inspiration for a New Year

Butterfly in Flight!

At sundown on Wednesday night, Jews all over the world will begin their celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. We will join our families over delicious meals, eat, laugh, and discuss life. We will go to temple and pray to thank, to remember, and to hope for the future. Some of us will remember loved ones we've lost this year, and some of us will think about the loved ones who are to be born in the coming months with extreme joy and excitement. And hopefully, we will take the time to think about the changes we'd like to make to improve ourselves and this world in which we live.

During my preparations for the holiday, I was reminded of a post I wrote back in January 2010 about the New Year. The post contained an email from Rudrani, World Yoga Center's director, encouraging us to bring joy to the world by cherishing each other and treating people with love and respect. So as the Jewish New Year quickly approaches, I find it fitting to repost this email with the hope that you too will be inspired.

"Dear WYC Students,
Happy New Year!!

Yesterday, my fortune cookie said 'There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.' The great Tantric masters of yoga said that Love is all there is! That Ananda Shakti is our very nature.

What if we lived our lives as if love were all there is? When all people everywhere give their time and energy to love for one another and the world, we will have heaven on Earth- a global revolution worth creating.

Can we create ways to cherish and listen to each other more, cherish our planet more? How might each of us actualize a revolution in human consciousness, person by person? What form would that take personally in this new year 2010?

A good beginning is to dissolve differences, sit at the table with people of all religions and faiths and worship with one unified heart beyond formal traditions. Wherever there is love and Shakti, we can offer thanks whether in churches, mosques, temples, synagogues or kivas any where in the world. 

My teacher Baba Muktananda used to tell a story about a building acquired by local villagers that was first made into a mosque but only a few people came so the villagers made it into church but only a few people came and after several more tries they finally they made it into a night club and then everyone came! Big profits were collected !

What if pleasure seeking, entertainment and profit were no longer our unifying force? What if cherishing one another and the world became humanity's unifying force?

Here's to a true revolution in this New Year!!

Much love to you all,

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