August 16, 2010

My Incredible Muscles & Training Updates

First things first, a funny moment. I took a peak at the Feedjit live traffic feed for my blog the other day to see who's been visiting and how they arrive. Typically, most people arrive from Daily Mile, Twitter, Facebook or obvious and relevant google searches. I couldn't help but crack up when I saw the google search that led one New Yorker to Erica Miss America the other day.  Do you see it highlighted in bright pink?

"her incredible muscles"???? Not sure about that... too funny!

Now onto real business: Marathon Training. I'd like to thank everyone for their awesome support & great feedback regarding my initial schedule. It seems that I still had plenty of work to do and your feedback confirmed lots of my suspicions. Here is the latest and greatest.

Based on some stellar advice from The Running Laminator, my marathon Coach, (yes I now have a Coach!!! more on that in a later post) as well as your comments and emails, and my experiences during the first few weeks of training, I've made the following revisions:
  1.  Moved my cross training to Tuesday. It seems that kickboxing is just not a good idea the day before my long run. Luckily for me, my favorite instructor also teaches classes on Tuesday!
  2. Added a little more variety to my midweek run by mixing up the mileage a bit
  3. Added another yoga day before some of my longer midweek runs to prevent burnout
  4. Fit in another long weekend run. A HUGE THANK YOU to another incredibly supportive and awesome runner friend for figuring out those long runs for me!!! It would've been a huge pain in the ass without him!
Every time I take a look at my schedule, I'm slightly shocked that there will be Sundays where a majority of my day will involve running, icing, eating and napping. But I'm excited & ready for it! Only 97 days to go... bring it on!!!


      1. Erica, how cool is that Dr. Lam is your coach??? :D That sounds good to me!!! You're running NYCM right??? I think the mileage is good! Looking forward to keeping up with your training on DM :)

      2. The schedule looks fantastic - lots of variety, enough mileage to build confidence and room for fun. I'm glad it is all going well.

        p.s. Congrats on the headstand. That is a huge accomplishment and means your core will be strong enough to carry you across the miles strong and happy.

      3. I'm glad you changed your schedule. I think in the end you'll be glad you did....your body will be more prepared. And I laughed out loud---your muscles must be super incredible!!! ;-)

      4. Thanks peeps!
        Linna: I'm actually running Philly this year!
        VeganLisa: thanks so much! the headstand might've been the highlight of my week :)
        Sugar Magnolia: my muscles are far from it- too funny!

      5. Those long runs look awfully familiar!

      6. Ben: do they? well i DID thank this guy I know for helping me figure them out :)

      7. i love ur blog! im totally motivated =)