August 24, 2010

Hamptons Getaway

I've known Michelle and Rachel for more than 20 years. We all met in sleepaway camp, Rachel and Michelle first and then I came along. They are my two best friends, the kind of women who are there for me no matter what and no matter when. They are my sisters, my friend soul-mates. We've slept in the same bunk, hiked through Israel together, and shared an apartment our first year as college graduates living in NYC. But until this past weekend, we've never gone away together, just the three of us.

This past weekend was a big one in my life. For personal reasons I won't go into details but will acknowledge that without them, it could've been a difficult one. But my ladies came to the rescue and we planned a girlfriend getaway to the Hamptons.  Michelle provided the location, a stunning farm house in Watermill, NY owned by her in-laws and purchased from Julie Andrews! It was the perfect weekend full of smiles, laughter, wine and good food, relaxation, and intimate conversation.

The Barn. Julie Andrews used to throw fabulous dinner parties in this barn!
Secret Sculpture Garden
Michelle and I took a long walk and found a beautiful farmers market where we picked up fresh fruit.
The figs were divine!
The pool and view of the farmland. Serene & beautiful.
It took us over an hour to make this simple salad! But we were having too much fun chopping veggies and throwing them around to notice.
Lunch coming together: salad, chickpea salad and falafel chips. Delicious!
Michelle & Rachel
Lunch is served!
Goofing around
Yeah, we're hot! {hee, hee}

A great weekend with great friends! Now time to plan our next getaway... any ideas?


  1. The bowl with fresh figs, blueberries, and blackberries looks amazing:)

  2. Great pics! Looks like you had a blast!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! It is so important to have supportive friends :)

  4. awww great pictures!
    your are very blessed to have friends like that in your life.
    Love the picture of the barn!
    Julie Andrews!! wow i would have been singing the whole time "the Hills are alive... "

  5. i can't believe i never went to the hamptons once - not in my 7 years of living in nyc....:( looks so wonderful!

  6. such beautiful pictures!!!! just started following you...are you a photographer?? and i love julie fun! next getaway? MAINE! it's pretty here too:-)

  7. eve.helitzer@gmail.comSeptember 4, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    I happened upon your blog about a month or so ago, as a friend had recommended it as a great gluten free blog (I have celiac) that had great recipes (already made the gazpacho - it is wonderful). To my surprise, I recognized your photo but I was not able to place where I had met you. This post just helped me figure it out; I also went to camp and recognized rachel, who I worked with on the waterfront staff. I guess it is a very small world.

  8. Thanks guys- I am SO blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!

    Sarah- I'm not a photographer, just LOVE taking pics! Maine... sounds perfect!

    Eve- that is too funny! Wishing I was in camp right now.... ;)