June 13, 2010

I Have a Secret

I like to stare at women's asses during races. Yup, you read that right and now my secret is out!

If I run hard enough, there comes a time during some races when I'm cursing at myself in my head and wondering why the hell I'm doing this. That time typically occurs on Cardiac Hill in Central Park and based on the hill's nickname, you can understand why. My legs get tired, breathing gets a bit difficult, and I'm just trying to put one foot in front of the other. Yesterday's NY Women's Only Mini 10K was one such race.

The race began on 61st Street & Central Park West, right by Columbus Circle. It was a beautiful location to begin surrounded by the trees Central Park and the Time Warner Building. But, it sucked as a starting line because there was no room to run! I found myself stuck behind so many women, wasting energy trying to weave in and out, and slamming into the rear view mirrors of cars parked along the street. So by the time I entered Central Park at 90th St, I was almost 2 minutes behind the time I needed to make my goal of completing the race within 1 hour. Obviously, I needed to make up some time in the park so I focused really hard on picking up some speed without burning out.

I strategized to majorly pick up my pace during the flatter portions of the park, and to slow down only slightly for the hills, which would mean that I would run Cardiac Hill a bit faster than I typically would. So this is where my little secret comes in. When I hit a hill and feel it getting tough, I find the best ass in front of me and focus on it. I remind myself that if I power up that hill, my ass might actually look like the incredible one in front of me. It is major motivation!

Unfortunately, the ass in front of me didn't quite help me reach my goal at this particular race, although I swear it has in the past ;) I completed the race in 1:00:58 which is almost a half minute slower than my last 10K just 3 weeks ago. And as disappointed as I was, I know that I tried my hardest and did the best I could under the circumstances.

My folks were in town and my dad was gracious enough to take some pictures.

11 Olympians ran in this race! Running up Central Park West

 Linet Masai of Kenya 200m from winning the race!


Just passed the 6 mile marker & only 200m to go!


So that's my secret motivation when the going gets tough at a race.  Do you have any racing secrets? Do tell :)


  1. Congratulations on completing another 10K. It sounds like you challenged yourself and came out with a terrific result. Each race is different - different routes, weather and crowd. I try not to compare race times because there are some many variables beyond our control. Instead I like to work on feeling stronger and happier at the end of the race than ever before - hey, it works for me :) As for secrets, I like to imagine that I have a fishing rod and I toss it out to hook the runner in front of me. I then focus on reeling them in as I speed up to pass. It is a little mind game that can keep me distracted when I'm tired and help me to increase my speed.

  2. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who does this, Erica! I hate to think of being the owner of the ass being looked at, though. I had my stride analyzed by a physical therapist last year. He videotaped me and then we watched the tape. He zoomed in on various parts of my body and we watched in slow motion so he could measure angles and length. It was all pretty much okay, even interesting, until he focussed on how much my hips move. Yup, he zoomed in on my tush, and helpfully pointed out the line of my waistband, and how instead of staying horizontal, it moved like a seesaw. That was a treat. Nothing I ever need to see again. I'm working on my core strength, needless to say.

  3. You look great! I agree with you on the start, I was weaving like crazy and frustrated that everyone in my corral seemed slow since I am not usually very fast myself. I actually went faster than normal BECAUSE I was trying to hard to get away from the crowd. You still ran a good race in an excellent time!

  4. Congratulations on a great race! Awesome that your dad was able to snap pics for you. Cardiac Hill sounds kind of terrifying :)

  5. Coincidentally we both ran 10k's yesterday but thousands of miles apart. Yeah I like to stare at women's asses while running too but for reasons a lot more primitive than yours... (did I just type that? lol)
    Interestingly I went through the exact same thing at the start, it was super packed and we were caught flatfooted as I was still chatting away with a group of friends at the back (not even at the start) when the horn blew! So started off in the middle of the pack and had to actually run on the grass and trail sidewalk for awhile to overtake the other runners as it was so packed. Luckily the crowd spread out a bit as soon as we hit the hills (as expected).
    I still think you look like you had a great time, you have cool pix where you look great so in the big picture its all positive :)

  6. My secret is I'd like to run but never really have. Maybe ass looking opportunities will be motivation! Great pics!

  7. VeganLisa- I definitely need to remember that each race is different & has its own challenges. Thanks for the reminder!
    Elana- if you were running in front of me, I'd totally stare at your ass ;) Having your stride analyzed sounds so cool! Great to hear from you!
    Dori- thanks! looking forward to reading your race recap next Tuesday :)
    Camille- thanks!
    Michael- lol!& thanks... hope you enjoyed your 10k! Welcome from Singapore :)
    Lisa- thanks! hope you get out there & try it. I remember when I first started, I would only run at one particular track outside b/c I found the whole idea so intimidating but eventually, it felt like second nature. what's stopping you?

  8. GREAT race! The pictures of you are awesome! :)