June 20, 2010

Father's Day Race Against Prostate Cancer

Dad & I in Philadelphia for the 2009 Half Marathon

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day and spent the day with family and loved ones! Unfortunately, my folks live in Florida so I didn't get to spend the day with them but I called my father the minute I completed this morning's race to wish him a great day and give him a recap.

As for this morning's Father's Day Race Against Prostate Cancer, it sucked big time. Or I guess I should say I sucked big time. I was really excited about this one. It was the first race I ever ran last year so it was my one year raceiversary and I was running it with my dad, a survivor, in mind. I finished last year's race 53:56 and was hoping to complete this morning's in 47 minutes. Um... not so much.... I finished it in 56:39! My worst time ever!

I wish I could blame the heat (74 degrees) or humidity (81%) at the start line. But I really have no one to blame but myself because I made some really poor decisions this weekend that left me feeling like crap, both physically and mentally. I ate really poorly, hardly slept, and then didn't get out of bed in time for my race morning ritual. The race began at 8:30 am and I didn't drag my ass out of bed until 7:30. I took a quick shower, gulped down some coffee, and ate half a gluten free english muffin with coconut oil, peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. A great pre-race snack? Absolutely! I just wish I'd given myself some time to digest it before heading out to Central Park.

I drank a large bottle of water on the way to the park and felt pretty good until 5 minutes before the start. I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to miss the start, so I just ignored it and told myself I would go after the 5 miles. BIG mistake, HUGE! The race started off well, I felt good and was running at a healthy 9 minute mile. At mile 2, some major stomach pain kicked in but I kept running. Two minutes later, the pain got worse and I got the chills but I still kept running. At mile 2.5, I finally had to pull over and puked. It was not pretty and I ended up walking to the next set of porta potties at mile 3 to finally go to the bathroom, which I should've done before the race. This picture does a great job of summarizing my performance at this race!

Feeling much better, although a bit weak, I grabbed some fluid at the next station and then did my best to make up for lost time. I spent mile 3 beating myself up, and mile 4 telling myself it was no big deal and thinking about the lessons learned. I finished with a bruised ego but a smile on my face and am just looking forward to redeeming myself next weekend.
This race was an incredible reminder that I need to work hard and can't take my progress for granted. I'm not the most disciplined person and when I take action, and see my action produce positive results, I tend to take that for granted and slack. And then I end up puking on the sidelines at a race. I guess sometimes I need a huge kick in the ass to remind me that I'm not invincible.

Lucky for me, I have an awesome father and he was still proud!


  1. Aw I like that smile on your face in the last picture! Lesson learned for me too. Last week I went out to dinner a bit (a lot) too much and lost some of my really good rituals. I'm going to get back into it this week too! I still say congrats on finishing your race!

  2. Thanks Nicole! I guess at least when we fall off our ritual wagons, it's because we are out having a good time, right?

  3. Don't beat yourself up. Two many variables were working against you. I ran Steamboat four days after the flu in heat and it kicked my butt. Congrats for overcoming it all and finishing. You should be proud.

  4. Girly don't beat yourself up...you did the best you could do under the circumstances and that is great...and plus you looked great! WIN WIN!

  5. I think what happened had nothing to do with a lack of effort; you were just a bit unlucky regarding the snack that wouldn't stay down. From the looks of your training logs you've been working hard and putting in the miles, and if not for the puking incident you probably would've PR'd. Guess the lesson here is not to do anything on race day that you wouldn't do during training. Props for toughing it out and still finishing when other people would've given up. At the end of the race what counts is the lessons learned and the end-race pic and you look great!! :)

  6. Way to have a good attitude about it! Gotta have the bad races to have the great ones :) I think that you still did a fabulous job and it's very impressive that you kept going even after getting sick! That shows such determination!
    I love the second race picture! That's a framer for sure:)

  7. Thanks for all the support guys! Sorry I didn't respond to you all sooner... apparently blogger no longer emails me when people leave comments- need to fix that!

    SeeksBoston- flu + heat? crazy what we put ourselves thru :)

    Morning Runner- really great point. I tend to act like I'm immune to those important tips like never try something new on race day. Learned a great lesson.

    Alyssa- "gotta have the bad races to have the great ones" - totally love that!