June 23, 2010

(10 minutes of) Yoga At the Great Lawn

Living on New York City’s Upper West Side, I often joke that Central Park is my backyard. While many of you have beautiful outdoor space just outside your front or back doors, mine is about a quarter of a mile away but is definitely worth the short walk. Central Park rocks and I am one crazy lucky lady!

So, in case you have already heard, about 10,000 people showed up in my backyard to practice yoga last night and it was awesome! Yoga at the Great Lawn was the brainchild of Flavorpill and I truly appreciate all the energy they put into it to make this event happen. Unfortunately, they forgot to call Mother Nature to ask her for good weather so we only practiced yoga for about 10 minutes before the sky opened up and poured on us. The world's largest ever yoga gathering might have also been the shortest ever gathering, but the experience was still an incredible one and I’m truly happy that I was able to attend. The vibe was cool & relaxed, I met some really interesting people, and made some great new friends.

And now for some pictures to recap the evening…

the trek and long lines into Central Park
I sort of fell in love with this wonderful yogi couple

hanging out, waiting for the yoga to begin

Jess, Me, Mari & Alison... I love making new friends!

the crowds gathering on the Great Lawn, surrounded by the NYC skyline

starting our practice as the rain clouds rolled in

Flavorpill has announced that there will be a rain date so we can try this again. Let's hope this time they 1)coordinate with Mother Nature and 2)have porta potties set up. 10,000 people, bottled water & no bathrooms? That's just a recipe for disaster!

Who's in for next time?


  1. You got some really great photos! I'm not sure if I'm in next time or not. =)

  2. I had such a great time ayer and I will def go to the next one! =)

  3. How fun! Although I totally feel you on the bathroom thing...really?! haha! But it still looked like an amazing experience!

  4. That is so fun. I am jealous that this is your backyard...I don't really have a backyard, except for my fire escape haha

  5. Wow, that sounds like a fun event! Too bad it rained. I've been to a massive event by the beach here in Singapore but it only had 2,000 people or less. Can't believe they didn't set up any Porta-potties, that would be chaos! Maybe they think everybody lives 10 minutes away?

  6. I had so much fun and I am so happy we got to meet! Looking forward to doing Intensati with you in the future!

    Ali :)