April 23, 2010

Race Recap: Run for the Parks 4M

gotta love those pretty race pics ;)

On April 18th, I ran the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks. It was a 4 mile race on a beautiful crisp morning in NY's Central Park, and it reminded me once again why I love running.

The night before the race, I wasn't feeling too hot. I had spent the wee hours of the morning bowing to the porcelain throne (aka puking) and didn't get much sleep. And although I set my alarm for 6am so that I could wake up, eat & digest, and stretch a bit before leaving for the park, I couldn't drag my butt out of bed until 6:45. So I jumped up, put on my running gear, grabbed a banana and headed out the door. With very little sleep or nourishment, I walked to Central Park in the cold and was cranky as hell. I almost didn't run this race. I almost called my friend Robert, who I was meeting before so that we could start the race together, to tell him I wasn't going to make it. But I was up & out the door, and I told myself "just run and finish, no pressure."

I did a whole lot better than that... I PRd! I started the first mile slow and steady, not worrying about weaving through the other runners, but just enjoyed myself and watched the trees go by. By mile two, I realized I had a lot more energy than I expected and that I felt totally fine. So I went for it. I picked up my pace, ignored the hills, and finished the race in 38:25! Yeah, a 9:36 pace/mile might seem a bit slow to some of you, but it's my fastest pace in Central Park because the hills usually kick my butt, and I am pretty proud of it!

Speaking of the hills.... I noticed this girl running at around the same pace as me, just a few steps ahead for most of the race. Every time we conquered another hill, she fist pumped and cheered herself on. It was awesome! I love that she openly celebrated her accomplishments during the race and once again, I was reminded why running totally rocks.

How cool is it that each run, I get to further challenge myself, see how strong I can be, and then celebrate my success. I love that I get to define my success, my goals. Whether my goal is to PR, get up a hill, run a half marathon, or even just get out there at all, I own my accomplishments. That's pretty awesome, don't you think?


  1. You look very focused in that picture!
    Race in Central Park sounds like so much fun, minus the hills!!

  2. lol! I think I was in a bit of a zone

  3. I love the race pic! :) I do agree it's pretty awesome to own your own accomplishments!

  4. What a great post! I love this: "I own my accomplishments" It is SO awesome!

    Congrats on the PR! That's really impressive that you got out the door and raced! I know for a fact if I was sick the night before there would be no racing for me. Way to be gutsy and finish strong.