April 13, 2010

Petit Cafe, a Gluten Free Cafe

Whenever I tell people that I can't eat gluten, they give me one of those "Oh... I'm so sorry, that must suck" kind of looks. And I usually tell them, no it really doesn't suck all that much. I really love my gluten free diet and I'm happiest eating a giant salad loaded with fresh veggies, herbs, beans and nuts. Of course, there are times that I crave a piece of bread, muffin or some cake. Since I love baking, I'm always happy to whip up a treat and if I'm not in the mood, most stores carry gluten free treats these days. Except for cafes.

And I love cafes. I love the experience of taking a walk to a cafe or coffee shop just to sit with a cup of java and think. Sometimes I'll read, sometimes I'll chat with a friend, and sometimes I'll just sit and watch the people around me. And those are the times that I usually miss gluten because rarely do I find a cafe that serves gluten free muffins or bagels to go with my coffee.

So, I was obviously overjoyed when I spotted Petit Cafe in NYC's West Village while heading to a hair appointment a few weeks ago. I mean look at these signs & the assortment!!! Bagels, Muffins, French Toast, Pancakes, Rolls, ALL Gluten & Dairy Free!
That day, I returned after my haircut and ordered a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. It was a beautiful Sunday NYC day so I sat by the window and watched people walk by. It was lovely and I couldn't wait to return.

This past Sunday, I made plans to meet a friend in the West Village for brunch and some shopping. I had just completed a 4 mile race in Central Park, ran home to shower and found myself in the West Village a bit early for my plans and completely starving. So I headed over to Petit Cafe and ordered a Berry Muffin to go. It was delicious, light and fluffy! Next time, I'm trying the french toast :)
If you want to check out Petit Cafe for yourself, it's located at 70 Greenwich Ave just east of 7th Avenue. Enjoy!