April 9, 2010

Finish Stronger Than You Started

Fighting to the Finish at the NYC Half & Scotland 10k

On April 3rd, I ran the Scotland 10K in Central Park. Although it wasn't the most difficult race for me, it was certainly harder than I expected. I had run the exact same 6.2 miles around the loop just 2 weeks earlier as part of the NYC Half Marathon and felt fine. In fact, I felt better than fine during the Half and remember being amazed that the hills didn't even phase me.

The energy during the 10K was incredible and there were so many spectators along the way cheering us on. At around mile 2, there were two girls totally cheering & screaming "finish stronger than you started!" I remember those two girls and at the time I remember thinking that I would be happy to finish the race at all.

I ended up completing the 10k in 1:03:39 at a 10:17 pace, missing my goal by just 39 seconds, but still happy to have completed another great race. I took the next day off to rest, and set out for another run on Monday night.... and completed 3.61 miles at a 9:22 pace! I couldn't believe it. I had run my fastest for that distance ever. Then on Wednesday night, I ran 3.75 miles at a 9:11 pace in 90 degree weather! Another fast one for me!

And then it hit me: Finish Stronger Than You Started. You know those races or runs that kick your butt? Those are the runs that make you stronger and although they may not feel like it at the time, they will bring you closer and closer to your goals.

My next race is a 4 miler in Central Park this weekend and I can't wait to rock it!


  1. I think you did amazing!
    Great time for a 10k!
    I will have to remember that on my next race "finish stronger then you started". love that!

  2. I love that message! Are you doing the race on Sunday for lung cancer? I was going to do it but my father in law got sick and we had to come to PA for the weekend.

  3. Thanks Claudia!

    Nicole, I am running the race on Sunday. I hope all is ok in PA! At least there are plenty more races ahead... I'll also be running the 4/18 4M race :)