April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

image by Avi & Debby Neuman

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. What changes will you make in your life to preserve our earth, to keep our air clean and our water safe to drink for our children?

Some of My Earth Day Resolutions:
  1. Continue using my own shopping bags for food shopping... and start using them for other purchases like toiletries & clothing
  2. Use dish towels instead of paper towels in my kitchen
  3. Clean my apartment with eco-safe cleaners. I'm amazed at how well a vinegar & water solution works at cleaning my bathroom & kitchen counter tops
  4. Continue to reduce the processed food I purchase to reduce trash. I'd rather make my own salad dressing out of lemon juice, olive oil & fresh herbs than use a store bought dressing in a bottle anyway :)
  5. Carry my cupco for tea & coffee
  6. Take shorter showers
  7. Turn my lights off when I'm not in a room
  8. Ask my restaurants not to include plastic ware or napkins with my takeout or deliveries
These are just some ideas that you consider incorporating into your life. For others, check out www.ecostewards.org for an incredible list of ideas and resources for an eco-friendly life.


  1. Great List!
    That's such a good idea, I'm going to make some Earth Day resolutions too:)

  2. I love this list.. especially the one about making salad dressing. I can't believe I just started doing this...now I just have to do my sprouts!