April 10, 2010

Cereal Ohs = Brilliant!

In case you haven't already noticed, I love food and I love jewelry. I wake up thinking about what I might find at the grocery store that day or what meals I'll make, and I go to sleep dreaming up new jewelry designs that might put a smile on someone's face.

So naturally I was beyond excited when my old friend, Nathaniel Schoen, combined my two infatuations and introduced his new Cereal Oh jewelry line! Each Cereal Oh is plated with 18kt gold or sterling silver made to order and can be purchased on its own, with the addition of a matching chain, or as set of 3 Ohs. Did I already mention I DIG THESE? They are adorable and make the most unique gift I've seen in a really long time. They are available for purchase on www.humanplayfulness.com

You can also check out more of Nat's food inspired art work on www.humanplayfulness.com. I was fortunate to have attended his Sweet Tooth art exhibit last year and loved his Marshmallow piece.
For even more Nat, visit him at his family store, Garber Hardware & say hello!


  1. Those are fab. Wearable cereal is a dream come true :)


  2. This is funny... and truly yummy!

    Fashion kisses from Paris!