March 22, 2010

NYC Half Marathon 2010

starting in Central Park

racing through the streets of NYC

incredible energy!

running through Times Square

I hope she said yes!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I ran the NYC Half Marathon and it was seriously incredible! I've always loved running through Central Park. The trees, the fresh air, and even the challenging rolling hills make me really happy. But to have a chance to run right through Times Square? AWESOME!

There were several major highlights for me, the first of which was exiting Central Park and seeing 7th Avenue open into a welcoming Times Square. Before the race, I imagined that by the time I got out of Central Park, I'd be hurting from the hills. But I had such incredible energy, the crowds were cheering us on, and I got really emotional for a bit. The second major highlight was seeing my friend Dani at mile 9 cheering me on- what a trip! Dani is an incredible runner & hugely supportive friend. She is such an inspiration and I am grateful to know her and call her my friend :) And finally, crossing the finish line and seeing another proud familiar face was awesome and meant a lot to me.

I finished the race in 2:20:33 which is actually 4 minutes slower than my last half. But I am still so proud. After some painful injuries and other training challenges, I'm just happy to have finished the race and experienced a NYC Half. Above are some pictures from the NY Road Runners website. I'll post some of me once they are available.

On 4/7 I find out if I got into the ING NYC Marathon via the lottery. Crossing my fingers!!!


  1. Aw, thanks E. You are an amazing friend and I am so lucky to call you mine too :)

  2. looking good!!! congratulations!

  3. congrats! Maybe next year I'll be out there joining you! :)

  4. I hope so Nicole! I'll be running a bunch of shorter races throughout the season if you ever want to join in :)

  5. Congratulations on the half marathon!! I completely agree - running through Times Square was so awesome!! I am also waiting to see if I get into the NYC marathon through the lottery - we find out so soon! The last 2 years I haven't gotten in - bummer! What other races will you be running this season? I am in NYC all the time visiting my brother!