February 8, 2010

A Hand for Haiti

I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an eCookbook from which all proceeds are being directed right to the Canadian Red Cross for Haiti relief and I jumped at the chance.

Lauren McMillan, aka Celiac Teen, is the gluten free blogging brain behind this delicious cookbook. For the past few weeks, Lauren has reached out to fellow bloggers to gather recipes which she has compiled into a 90 page ebook that can be ordered online. So that makes her pretty fabulous, right? Wait... it gets better. She then got her parents to match up to $1000, and the Canadian Government to match all donations made from the ebook until February 12th. Can you say ROCK STAR?!? As of this evening, Lauren's hard work & creativity have already raised $2,440!

The eBook includes 87 recipes contributed by 71 talented & wonderful foodies. The collection includes recipes for those without any dietary restrictions, as well as those for gluten free or vegetarian diets. I've already purchased my copy and am so excited to try some of the recipes like Crepes with Honey Almond Ricotta Filling by Sandy Smith of Eat Real, Mushroom Chili by Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily, and Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake by Karen of Citrus & Candy.

Check out Lauren's post about the eBook for more information & to purchase, or head right to the e-junkie sit to purchase by clicking here. For a minimum $10 donation, you get 87 delicious recipes, introductions to more than 70 sources of incredible recipes, and the gift of giving to others in need.

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  1. how wonderful that you contributed to the cookbook! what recipe did you submit?