December 27, 2009

KAE Aprons

I took a break from making etsy items to sew aprons for my wonderful nieces. Kirvayah Maayan, Anayah Ohr & Eliyah Shiraz are three very special little girls in my life and live way too far away. Thankfully, my brother sends pictures of them often and there are usually a few of the girls in the kitchen, their sleeves rolled up, baking cookies or making pizza. So I thought some monogrammed aprons would be a great gift to send them!


  1. you should hook up with she'd love your aprons, as do I! I'm sure that you'll find much connection with her recent blog on Nourishing traditions

  2. Awww... the girls are gonna love their aprons!

  3. Wow, so cute! I'm sure they're gonna LOVE the aprons!!! Such a cute idea/gift!